Motivational Life Coaching

As human beings, we all have the capabilities and potential to be creative, which means to create the life we like in every little aspects.
You do not need to become experts, but simply be open enough to learn from different teachers, from people who surrounds you - children and elders, colleagues, family - and search what resonates within yourself through books, workshops and online lectures.
Then you allow your creativity to come out, to trust the inner voice which tells you what`s the best for you.

I invite you to take this journey of self discovery to create your own unique movement types based on how you are, as body, mind and soul.

What to expect?

My intention is to facilitate a learning process of your body, to help to create you own exercises. That`s why I guide you to incorporate the movements you already learned in your life with the techniques of the disciplines listed as follows:

Martial Arts techniques

Conscious Dance

Embodied Peacemaking exercises

Meditation via Focusing

Breathing and Grounding

Okido Yoga


Stillness & Movement can teach you how to cope with every day life challenges and I also offer coaching session at your home address, to evaluate how you could merge what you learned in your daily activities.


Why do I want to share?

Through the years I joined many workshops and weekly classes, self study of different disciplines, I am very curious of my body, the sensation I have through the movement and also what I sense during the stillness moments that I give to myself during the day.

However I was a procastinator in some extent and I always found some excuses to keep going to therapies or lessons instead of incorporate the exercises in my daily routine. I used to judge myself and I put on myself the label of “lazy”, “not disciplined enough” and keep saying myself “I do not have the time for” which bring the feeling of being guilty or ashamed . On the contrary I used to push myself because it is said that a specific activity or specific food is healthy, but there is the risk of going against my own integrity.

The key is to do what you like and to make enjoyable what you do not like but you need to do by re-programming the brain (eg. creating new routines, incorporate what you like into the activity you dislike, etc). That`s why I believe it is important to move your body as you feel like that day, don`t simply memorize the exercises because we tent to forget but to know the body also anatomically and feel where you need the stretch or how you want to move your joints.
What I would like to share is how you can learn awareness and be creative with your own body.

Starting a transformational process is a wonderful way to understand what acceptance is and how to really see yourself (and others) unconditionally.

Get inspired

I was really touched by the first page of the book "Creative process in Gestalt Therapy"so here you can read it:
Creativity is a celebration of one`s grandeur, one`s sense of making anything possible. Creativity is a celebration of life - my celebration of life. It is a bold statement: I am here! I love life! I love me! I can be anything! I can do anything! [...] Creation is each person`s statement of godliness, of transcending the daily struggle for survival and the burden of mortality - an outcry of anguish and of celebration.
Creativity is the breaking of boundaries, the affirmation of life beyond life - life moving beyond life. Out of its own sense of integrity, life asks us to affirm our own intrinsic nature, our essences as human beings.
Finally, creativity is an act of bravery. It states: I am willing to risk ridicule and failure so that I may experience this day with newness and freshness. The person who dares to create, to break boundaries, not only partakes of a miracle, but also comes to realized that in his process of being he is a miracle.
It does not matter what field of endeavor we are talking about. In every field it is the same act of celebration, the same fullness of expression that justifies our purpose of living.


Drawings are done by  Karol, a talented illustrator from Leeds