Crystal Reiki

crystal reiki picture


Crystals have been used for centuries as tools for healing and increasing levels of awareness with each stone being specially selected for specific frequencies and properties. Crystal Reiki utilizes the frequencies that reside within the earth and amplifies them through the power of Reiki energy. By infusing these powerful vibrations with the consciouness of Reiki energy, the shifts can be targeted and profound.

Thanks to the Vortex technology, I also combine the frequencies of the Life Alignment energy into my treatment to allow more energy flow and deep transformation on your own self.

As the frequency of our planet increases, we are given a choice to either raise our own awareness and frequency so that we will feel resonance with earth or to resist it and feel the effects of physical imbalance as well as mental/emotional chaos.

Crystal Reiki and Life Alignment has the potential to connect you with the rising consciouness around you!