Conscious Dance

5 rhythms


5Rhythms is a dynamic practice to both workout and meditate in the same breath. Practicing them helps us become attuned to the underlying patterns in our everyday existence.

There are weekly classes in Amsterdam of Dance Dojo

Dance Dojo integrates ‘free form’ dance with exercises that enhance our body awareness. It is a mix of 5Rhythms, somatics and martial arts. The weekly open class welcomes every-body and requires no previous experience. Each class has a clear theme, such as breath, power or flow, and offers concrete tools or techniques to work with. Dance Dojo is a place to experiment, play and encounter friendly challenges. There is room for following your own flow and space to connect to others.

More on the specific forms:

  1. 5Rhythms are a way to move and meditate in the same breath. The 5 rhythms describe a cycle of experience from sensing rising impulses to full expression and closure. Practicing the 5Rhythms helps us find our own, authentic flow and become attuned to underlying patterns in our everyday lives.

  2. Somatics is about exploring the body from within and mobilizing our body’s intelligence. Among others we’ll explore breath, posture and body work.

  3. Martial Arts can teach us about compassionate power and how to respond to challenges. Dance Dojo explores various forms and concepts from a range of martial arts, such as Aikido.

For more information please click the link Flow-Force website