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Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promote healing.

Therapeutic massage - Reiki - Principles

I suggest to read articles available in internet to have a better understanding of the meaning of Reiki, like "What is Reiki?"

Life Alignment

For many of us, a common but hidden thread that weaves invisibly through our symptoms (physical and emotional) is misalignment with our Soul’s true purpose.

Consciously or not, we want to know “Who am I?” and “What am I doing here?”  We sense that something is missing from our lives and we are not sure how to find it. Even when we know what we want, too often doubt and fear holds us back.

Life Alignment’s integrated system of energy healing provides a vehicle and map to help guide you towards the answers you seek. For when we discover and embrace what our soul has chosen to learn, we are re-aligned with our innate wisdom.

Although we cannot change past events, we can change their negative and traumatic perception, releasing the flow of energy and the body’s life force. It’s during the balancing process that a person is guided towards this transformation.

It’s mainly an energetic rather than a mental process, this is why it’s fundamental to connect with your emotions and feel them. Connecting with emotions means bringing them into consciousness, allowing them to surface and be released.

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