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Below you will find older feedback written by pregnant women and by people suffering from herniated disc, lower back and shoulder/neck pain.

I am an absolute fan of Roberta`s massages since the first treatment. She treated me for stress in the shoulders, lower back pain and intestinal problems. It was an absolute and instant relief, as she has magic hands. Her touch is firm but sensitive. Her advice is direct and clear. She is a trained professional with a kind and caring character who flawlessly hits the right spots, always! I would recommend Roberta to anyone with intentions to improve their health and posture or to simply enjoy a solid medicinal massage.”


“When I first contacted Roberta I just wanted to try a Thai massage here in the Hague. I've chosen her because of the location and reviews. When I came to the first session we had a small talk, when she asked me everything about my health and my aim. Then she started a massage-which was and is one of the best I had in my life! I was always used to do oil massage and of course you can't compare, but I feel that my muscles, joints, ligaments are getting healthier and stronger. I did around 8 sessions. I do them usually 2 in a month (cause it's quiet intense). The results achieved: 1. Less tension in my shoulders and neck; 2. Almost no migraines! Roberta manages to stop migraine (though I tried only the beginning phase). It really works! 3. I feel I got more freedom of movement 4. Positive energy and mood after every session that makes my day! I highly recommend her Massage! I'm sure you will not regret!”

Anastasia I.

pregnancy“Roberta heeft zowel mijzelf als mijn man een massage gegeven op onze huwelijksdag en dat was zo super! We waren allebei een stuk relaxter na de massage die we zo rond lunch hadden (we hadden redelijk wat spanningen tijdens de voorbereidingen). Ik kan Roberta van harte aanbevelen om in te huren tijdens je huwelijksdag! Ze weet precies alle knelpunten te vinden op een efficiente en prettige manier. Wat ik zo fijn vond aan haar massage is dat ze heel rustig te werk gaat, juist niet dat vele op & neer verplaatsen van handen, maar juist heel gericht met 1 drukpunt op precies de goede plek. Ik was ook 9 weken zwanger en ze wist precies wat wel en niet behandeld moest worden, ook heel prettig! :-) Jammer genoeg wonen we niet in Den Haag maar anders waren we allebei heel regelmatig bij haar langsgekomen! Thanks again Roberta!”

Patricia K.

  “I had some Thai massages in Thailand, but was always weary of trying them in The Netherlands for fear of being disappointed. But when my lower back, hips and legs started to really hurt after pregnancy and a few weeks of carrying my newborn son, I decided I needed to try something. I choose the 90 min massage and was very happy with the result. The treatment was very professional, and the day after the massage the pain was almost gone. I will definitely be following up with another massage soon. I recommend this place 100%!!!”

Nancy G.

“I had been suffering from the back and neck pain for a few weeks before going to Roberta. Roberta´s treatment was excellent. She was interested in my problem, asked me questions to have a deep understanding and she gave me the recommendations how to avoid these problems again. She made the massage with focus on every detail with calm, concentration and confidence. Her touch is firm, it´s strong exactly as your body needs. When it´s necessary she asks for the feedback just to be sure that the patient feels comfortable and don´t feel any pain cause of her strong touch. She´s a professional and I highly recommend her. I definitely come again. Thank you Roberta!”

Iva D.


“I am 70 years old and I have been suffering from herniated disc since many years. Doctors already suggested to be operated but thanks to Roberta`s massage I feel much better. I used to walk with my back bended on a side due to the pain but she managed to release the tension in my lower back therefore I am more straight now. She had to treat also my legs and I always feel like “a lion” the next few days after the treatment. I am happy I met her!”

Giovanni G.

“Ms Colombano has a gentle and firm touch, I enjoyed the 90 minutes massage and I will definitely come back soon. I had pain in my lower back and neck for a long time and I`ve been trying several treatments. However only today I`ve found relief thanks to her massage. She can speak Spanish fluently and it is always nice to speak your own language to better describe the problems.”

Maria F.

“Roberta provides a very professional and effective treatment. She takes time in listening at the patient's problem and during the following massages she willingly adapts the massage accordingly to any change (usually positive) in pain or discomfort. Her touch is very firm and able to localize the source of pain: no frills but real knowledge and understanding of body mechanism. I suffer from back pain, due to disc protrusion, and the treatment has relieved me from daily pain, while relaxing other parts of body, stressed by bad posture and sedentary work. For the Italians living in Holland: with Roberta you have the ultimate and definitive possibility of fully explain your problem in every detail and being deeply understood.”

Luca B.

“Ik was jaren geleden naar Thaise massage gegaan in Thailand. Nu dan bij Roberta terechtgekomen vanwege pijn in m'n nek en armen. Voordat ik naar Roberta ging deed een pak suiker uit de kast pakken al pijn in m'n armen, ook een T-shirt uittrekken was zeer pijnlijk. Nu na 4 behandelingen bij Roberta kan ik dat zonder moeite, ik kan m'n armen weer goed bewegen en de pijn is zo goed als weg. Ik ben er nog niet, ik zal dan ook doorgaan met de behandelingen, maar het is zeker een aanrader!”

Nikki H.

“It was my first experience receiving a Thai Massage but I was immediately put at ease by Roberta's friendliness and confidence. She listened, understood and perfectly tailored the 1H full body massage to my wishes ( I preferred a more "relaxing" massage than a" therapeutic" one ) Her touch was firm but very gentle ... so relaxing that it felt like my mind was "at peace". Thanks Roberta !”

Sarah P.

“Roberta is a fantastic Thai masseur! Very good hands. Not too soft not to strong. Just as it should be. If you want to unwind and get back to your "track", this is the place to be! What a relief for your body and soul.”

Lukas Z.

“I couldn't believe it, already after the first massage the pain I had since days on my shoulder disappeared. It is definitely worthed it to come all the way from Amsterdam.”

Alessia A.

“Roberta is a proficient masseuse who easily shifts different techniques and approaches. Strong and powerfull, yet always gentle and sensitive, she applies pressure and stretches that made me feel relaxed and vital. Recommendation!”

Mattijs M. van Katwijk, Tao Yoga instructor at Tao Yoga inc.

“Great service, gentle but well defined touch. Good knowledge of sensitive points. Very good therapeutic effect that works well with my sport activities. Tension that builds up during and after the training gets released and allows me to feel more relaxed. I will definitely come back soon.”

Marcin P.