Spiritual Massage

Manifestation of Heart and Heaven energy

Thanks to my training of Qi-gong and Tai ki ken, self development, and working with the energy, I started to follow my intuition and to feel more where the blockages are in the body. Of course I combine also the knowledge of physical body work but I trust more what my hands feel on a person.

Walking in Nature is a proper training to feel the connection between Mother Earth and the Heaven and I am able to establish the same connection during my treatments. Therefore the pressure is lighter, allowing the universal energy to flow to release the blocked energy.

It is suitable for everyone who needs to feel more connected with his/her own self, therefore if you feel tired and stressed, overwhelmed, sick, with physical disabilities just come to visit me. During the treatment I also use sound healing therapy and essential oil to enhance the benefits of the massage.


Everything is energy.
It is infinite and all connected.
Each part affects the whole.
Energy has no beginning and no end;
it only changes form.