Subtle Energy Medicine


Stress: where and what? How the body experience it

Emotions are physical actions in the body. Feelings are what those actions "taste" like to the person who is doing them. When we are threatened or challenged or hurt, we contract or collapse our posture, breathing, and attention. That is Distress Response, and it is actually experienced as feelings such as fear, anger, helplessness or numbness. When the distress response gets locked into the body, that is the Trauma State. 
Thank to Paul Linden for creating Five quick and easy Exercises!

I personally believe that approaching both physical body and the subtle bodies is the key for a deep transformation.

Life Alignment & Focusing

In my career as body work I realized that I could not only work on a physical level with my clients but also on energetic and mental level. I found myself that Life Alignment and Focusing can help to transform the emotional blockages and the old patterns that might have an impact on the physical level as well. Therefore I decided to deepen my knowledge also on the energetic medicine.

The combination of these two approaches help you to harmonize many aspects of your life.

This method provides a profound change through identifying the cause of emotional imbalances. This approach combined with Existential Counseling, NLP and Life Coach techniques help to find your inner source by becoming aware of your belief systems and give to yourself what you really need.

What to expect during a session

After the "Clear the Space" technique to become more present and more in contact with your body, I will guide you in a personal journey to find your answers in what is effecting your life. When a deep connection has been made, the real emotional transformation starts and it is very important to connect to those feelings which may emerge. During your journey you might need to visualize, make choices, take responsibility, release and/or receive specific frequency of vibration (energy). Once the change is integrated on a cellular level, new body sensations are felt and you allows yourself to go deeper on a relaxation state.

You are a body and you know all the answers!
That`s why I might combine techniques learned in workshops like Embodied Peacemaking and Focusing to better connect to your body. It may be necessary to get a coaching session to achieve the benefits of the session.
Please do not hesitate to contact me to make such a choice.



What is subtle energy?

Underlying physical reality are subtle, or indiscernible, energies that create and sustain all matter. The so-called real world - the one you can touch, smell, taste, hear, and see - is constructed entirely from these energies, which are imperceptible through the five senses. In fact, all of reality is created from organized and changeable systems of subtle energy. To most effectively help someone heal we must acknowledge and work with the subtle energies that create imbalances and disease. We must work on the root cause, not just on the symptoms. When we do, we expand the field of medicine to include the entire picture of the forces at work in illness and health.
Until a few years ago, modern medicine was divided into two main categories: Western and Eastern.
Western health care, also called allopathic medicine, is mechanistic; Western practicioners seek to alleviate symptoms through scientifically documented methods. Eastern medicine is devoted to holistic care, which treats the total person - mind, body and spirit - not just his or her symptoms. In the West, we use terms like complementary or alternative medicine to describe this approach. Elsewhere in the world, Eastern medicine is called traditional medicine.
Western and Eastern methods seemed diametrically opposed, until practitioners and patients noticed that the two approaches enhance one another. Therefore a new health care process was born, termed integrative care: the marriage between West and East.
Western, Eastern, and integrative medicine are all vital paths to healing. But there is another component to truly full-spectrum health care. It is called energy medicine - specifically, subtle energy medicine. With knowledge of it, healing professionals can attain a new level of medical excellence. This is because all diseases are energetic, or related to the flow of energy. The optimum health care approach, therefore, emcompasses energy issues.
Everything is made of energy, which can be defined most simply as "information that vibrates": molecules, prescription medicines, morning coffee, and even emotions. Each cell pulses electrically, and the body itself emanates electromagnetic fields. The human body is a complex energetic system, composed of hundreds of energetic subsystems. Disease is caused by energetic imbalances; therefore, health can be restored or established by balancing one`s energies.
We cannot see all the energies that keep the body healthy, however. Those we can see are called physical, or measurable, energies. Those that we can`t yet perceive are called subtle energies: energies that are too high or low in frequency to be easily measured. We can tell that they exist because they produce an effect.

This description has been found in the book "The Subtle Body. An encyclopedia of your energetic anatomy" C. Dale