Tai Chi

Tai Chi has evolved through the ages as a highly refined system of exercises which allows for personal development. It consists of a series of slow continuous movements designed to relax and develop the whole body.

This carefully structured series of movements aims to build internal strength, suppleness, and stamina. Tai Chi exercises the body, soothes the mind and lifts the spirit. It is absorbing but not exhausting or stressful. The unique ancient art is being used increasingly for its health-giving properties. Once learned it is a treasure that will last you a lifetime.

Today, Tai Chi is mostly taught as an independent exercise system. However, the classic training in Tai Chi begins with practicing Zhan Zhuang to develop essential grounding, power and stability which together form the foundation needed to unlock the full potential of Tai Chi.

Zhan Zhuang

Zhan Zhuang is the Chi Kung system with the longest history as it can be traced back 27 centuries. It is the basis of all Chi Kung styles and is characterized by its effectiveness and efficiency. "Zhan Zhuang" is best translated as "Standing Like A Tree".

For most people, training in Zhan Zhuang is a complete surprise in the beginning. Although it is a highly energetic exercise system there are no recognizable outer movements. In contrast to many other methods, Zhan Zhuang develops our internal energy in a very efficient way rather than consuming it.

Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung is practiced in well-balanced standing positions which increase the flow of energy while building up internal strength. The Zhan Zhuang system is based on a unique fusion of relaxation and exertion which stimulates, cleanses and massages the whole body. Because Zhan Zhuang is so effective at raising our energy levels, it is often used as basic training for martial arts.Through the practice of Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung we are able to take advantage of our whole potential - physically, mentally and spiritually - without becoming exhausted. This is achieved in a completely natural way without the need to challenge ourselves.


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