Tai ki ken


The Taikiken is a Japanese martial art founded by Kenich Sawai (1903-1988). One might get confused and think that Taikiken and Taiji Quan are the same martial art, but in practice Taikiken is more oriented to the manifestation of the energy (Qi).

In Taikiken there are no fixed forms as the goal is to allow the flow of Ki to move freely in the body: reaching spontaneity of movement, it must follow the "explosive force" called Hakkei. The body must unite globally during the movement but it is an internal work which requires time and patience to train properly.

The practice uses stillness and slowness to create the efficient mobility in the body. It is a martial art which teaches one how to cope with daily situations that may be encountered during social interactions with others. It helps one feel more grounded and become more self confident. Basically you will become stronger in each direction!

Taikiken workshops are held in Amsterdam on occasion and you can find out more on these websites:

Ba Duan Jin

Ba Duan Jin, the Eight Strands of Brocade is a popular set of exercises for toning the internal organs and systems. It is practiced by the Chinese all over the world.

Each of the eight Ba Duan Jin exercises intensifies the flow of energy along the full length of specific meridians in the body. Thus the complete set of exercises benefits your whole energy network, including internal organs through which that energy passes. Regular practice is the ideal preparation to carry the "awakened dragon" of your Chi.
Visit the Taikiken website to find a full and clear explanation of its exercises. 


When you stand, you are like a tree.
You are growing from within.
Your feet, like roots, draw power from the earth.
Your body, like the trunk, is perfectly aligned.
You are unmoving, strong.
Your head is open to the heavens like the crown of the tree.
You rest calmly, the universe within your mind.

Master Lam Kam Chuen


Videos are also available to get an idea how the exercises are performed during a normal class:

Ritsu Zen (standing medititation)